Tuesday, October 09, 2007

God is talking - are you listening!!!???

My son encouraged me to get myself an IPOD a couple of months ago and I have discovered podcasts. "Family Friendly Churches Have a Plan" is one of several speeches I downloaded from the Tulsa Soul Winning Workshop.
So, what does that have to do with the subject above??

I'm not sure we can go to Heaven if we don't all listen to what John Alan Turner has to say!!! I really believe that this is something God wants us to consider. It is vital for the little ones under our care for us to change from a "system" which is contributing to 7 out of 10 children leaving the church by the time they are 21.

I have a friend who thinks he hears God audibly speaking to him. He and I have talked about this for years and our conversations are very interesting. He now assures me that he is reading his Bible and understands that God is not going to tell him something which contradicts it, so my input is not going unheard.
Well I think God is speaking to me through these podcasts. He still is not contradicting his Word, but he sure is bringing clarity to it. You too can subscribe to the ones I am most enjoying, and you don't have to purchase anything to listen to them. You can download ITunes and listen on your computer.
The speeches I have enjoyed most have come from the Tulsa workshop already mentioned:
and from Abilene Christian University
I am so busy these days it is unreal. But my job which is killing me, also causes me to have many many miles of windshield time when I can listen to these podcasts. I am blessed. You also will be blessed if you do.
You will not be disappointed by anything you listen to by Randy Harris, for example.
PLEASE, I am begging you all to take the time to check this out and listen, and enjoy.