Friday, October 31, 2008


Adam Tune and I are going to start teaching a Adult Sunday School class on Hebrews on the first sunday in December. We are getting ready by reading the book several times and reading commentaries. Adam's dad, Mike sent him an excellent study which he used in 2007, and it looks like this will be an excellent guide for us to use.

As I was reading today it occurred to me that Hebrews can be viewed as the Keystone book in all the Bible. The writer begins by reminding us of the various revelations from God since the beginning of time. God has been sharing His story with us in bits and pieces illustrated in the lives of people who were drawn to Him. But, 2000 years ago God stopped the shadowy efforts revealed in the Old Testament and revealed Himself in His SON!! The Hebrew writer goes on and on about how the SON is superior to Angels, OT priests, and prophets. He invites us to join the SON in a relationship which great saints such as Abraham, Moses and David could only catch a glimmer of.

Hebrews challenges us to change our view from a worrysome preoccupation with the visible world around us to a "city whose builder and maker is God." This is going to be fun!!