Saturday, December 26, 2009

THE Story

My dear friend Dave Simpson and I have been asked to lead a Sunday School Class on "Christian Evidences." We welcome this opportunity, but Dave and I have only one syllabus. We have taught classes on "Who We Are and How We Got This Way," "How We Got the Bible" and on "Hymn Stories" in the last couple of years. But, really at the heart of these classes is THE Story. You see, we believe that God has a STORY for all mankind. He has revealed that tale in various ways through many mediums and people. But, if all of the myths and biases could be striped away a basic and essential true story would be revealed. That is the story we want to tell.

The first clear awareness of a kernel of this Story came to me on January 13, 1971. As I held a little 6 pound, 6 ounce bundle of JOY I knew I had something to tell her. That something had been passed down to me by all who had gone before me. And, the message was not just for her, but for her brother and their kids, and their kids, and ... (you get the picture). I realized a few years later when I read A Prayer for Owen Meany, teaching this Story is "The Play" Owen struggled to perfect. (Don't be concerned if you don't follow that, just read the book its worth the trip.)

The point is, our task in this life is to do our best to understand this amazing Story and pass it on to others. Of supreme importance is the awesome responsibility to pass it on to those little people God has given us.

Father God, we come to you once again with a gigantic task ahead of us. The job of digging out the facts is at once a joy and a overwhelming, never ending burden. It is only because we know that you want this story told that we begin again. Please, please guide us and keep us on task. Put your words in our mouths. Use this class for Your honor and glory. If you choose to send Him back and take us home before this class begins in March it will please us to no end. But, we cherish and appreciate Your patience to let all those who would be Yours accept You before that happens. Our prayer is through Him, and expressed to You in better words by Your Spirit.