Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Jason Bybee

Jason Bybee grew up at the College Hills church in Lebanon. He served as our Intern/Youth Minister during a most challenging summer for our Youth Ministry. He more than equaled the challenge of stepping in for a penitent, but disgraced Youth Minister. I learned to deeply appreciate Jason then, especially because my son was one of the kids being ministered to.

Since then, he has faithfully served in Kingsport, TN and now at Mayfair in Huntsville, AL. I try not to miss any of his lessons on their web site and am always blessed by what I hear. Through listening for Jason I have also grown to love Gary Bradley. Mayfair has a unique situation with a seasoned and solid Gary Bradley taking the lead and building a most effective ministry team with a younger but equally solid Jason.

Grab this opportunity to hear what I am talking about. Click on this link:  Mayfair and select lessons that will bless your life. May God continue to use His family at Mayfair to bless all who will come to Him.