Monday, December 15, 2014

Humans Are NOT Mere Animals

The statement, "Human beings are only animals."  does not and has never rung with TRUTH.  But why not?  How can we describe that which makes us different from the animals?

Walker Percy wrote this observation:  "Chickens have no myths, but man always knows or thinks he knows what is under the earth and above the earth, and what is holding the earth up."  This quote is actually from an introduction Percy wrote to a manual for Louisiana State University's mental-health services.  His subject had to do with mental-health therapy.  The Chicken analogy shines the spotlight of thought on how ridiculous it would be to imagine using therapy on Chickens, or fish, or animals of any kind.  They have no language by which they could understand "story" or "myths" or any other similar concepts which we humans take for granted.

From earliest times humans have been able to communicate in symbols representing concepts.  Words, pictures and objects represent both a title or description and an understanding of the nature of being.

If you would like to explore Percy's development of this line of thought, here is a link to a site devoted to his life and writings:

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